Warner Bros. Records released a DVD-Audio of Miles Davis' Tutu in 2002. It includes three versions of the album:

  1. Advanced Resolution Surround (96 kHz/24-bit)
  2. Advanced Resolution Stereo (96 kHz/24-bit)
  3. DVD-Video Compatible Dolby Digital (48 kHz, AC-3)

The new surround / 5.1 remix was done by Bill Schnee. As far as I remember, the stereo mix was downmixed from the same remix, so all three versions on the DVD-Audio contain the same mistakes / imperfections / improvements.

What follows is a comparison of the original 1986 mix and the 2002 remix that I posted on the Miles Davis Mailing List on November 2, 2002. What I did was "simply" downmix both the CD and DVD-Audio versions to mono tracks, synchronize / align them, and assemble them into stereo audio files, with the 1986 mix in the left channel and the 2002 remix in the right channel (or vice versa, I don't remember). Then I simply listened to the album with a pair of headphones and the differences between the two mixes stood out naturally.


1. Tutu (5:16)

2. Tomaas (5:36)

3. Portia (6:19)

4. Splatch (4:45)

5. Backyard Ritual (4:50)

6. Perfect Way (4:34)

7. Don't Lose Your Mind (5:49)

8. Full Nelson (5:07)