I've only recently watched "A Conversation with Elon Musk", with Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy. It's a video from 2013, so this is nothing new, but I really like Elon Musk's take on education (rough transcription):

"The analogy I sometimes use is: have you seen Batman, the Chris Nolan movie, the recent one? It's pretty freaking awesome. You've got incredible special effects, great script, multiple takes, amazing actors, and great sound. It's very engaging. But if you were to instead say, OK - even if you had the same script, so at least it's the same script. And you said, OK, now that script, instead of having movies, we're going to have that script performed by the local town troop. So in every small town in America, if movies didn't exist, they'd have to recreate The Dark Night. With like home-sewn costumes. And like jumping across the stage. And not really getting their lines quite right. And not really looking like the people in the movie. And no special effects. And I mean that would suck. It would be terrible. That's education."

It's funny. And the metaphor really works.