It has been known for years now that omega-3 supplements are useless for heart health. They're still useful for brain health, though, especially for vegetarians, vegans, and people who don't eat fish regularly (i.e. most people I know, probably).

I've been taking vegan (i.e. algae) omega-3 supplements since 2007 and I've always bought the same brand: Nuique (previously called V-Pure). I'm aiming for a low omega-6-to-omega-3 ratio (2:1, ideally 1:1). The average ratio in the US is apparently 17:1. I'm currently at 3.5:1 (with an omega-3 index of 14.4%). Not bad. I can probably do better, but I'm quite happy with those numbers.

Vegan omega-3 supplements are quite expensive, unfortunately, so, recently, I've tried to find a cheaper alternative to Nuique. Here are the products I've considered and the price in USD per 1000 mg of DHA for each product:

Conclusion: Vegetology is the cheapest vegan omega-3 supplement I've found so far and it is significantly cheaper than Nuique. They also seem to have vegan D3 supplements, which I thought was impossible (D3 supplements are usually made from sheep wool). So it's settled: I'll give my money to Vegetology from now on.