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Very Bad Wizards 75 A Golden Shower of Guests
A few discussions were related to how to do good science and good research. I had already mentioned a book I read 10 years ago, "Petit traité de manipulation à l'usage des honnêtes gens", which is mostly about priming studies (if I recall correctly) and I already was under the impression that most of those studies probably only indicate a weak effect. So, yes, priming studies are probably a bit "overrated". And often conducted using too few research participants, as many psychological studies. Speaking of "overrated", this probably applies to a lot of neuroscience studies as well, as was discussed with Laurie Santos. The discussion with Sam Harris was good, as usual. The two discussed topics are "old news" to me (artificial intelligence and vegetarianism). I mostly agree with Sam. As did Tamler and David, apparently.
Waking Up with Sam Harris 69 The Russia Connection - A Conversation with Anne Applebaum
An episode about politics. And again about Trump. I agree with some of the comments on Reddit: when it comes to politics, Sam seems to be a little out of his depth. There was nothing really bad about this episode, but nothing really good either. Yes, people such as Harris and Applebaum need to learn how to have better discussions with people who disagree with them. Maybe we need more psychological research in that direction. Some (simplistic) points I retain from this episode: Trumps likes Putin/Russia; in particular, Trump likes how Putin became a politician and used his political power to get even richer; Trump doesn't care about the United States' historical friends/allies; this can have a destabilizing effect on the rest of the world; the constant lies from Trump is something new for the US, but it's a tactic that has already been used many times in other parts of the world.
Very Bad Wizards 73 Lies, Damned Lies, and Ashley Madison
Part of this episode is about the "Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science" study from 2015, which attempted "to replicate 100 original studies that had been published in one of three top-tier psychology journals in 2008". "Depending on the criterion used, only 36 to 47% of the original studies were successfully replicated". Good science is hard. Good studies are hard. This is explained at length in Ben Goldacre's two excellent books "Bad Science" and "Bad Pharma". I guess this is a good thing that psychology is trying to get better as a scientific field. Ever since I read "Petit traité de manipulation à l'usage des honnêtes gens", I've been under the impression that psychological studies are usually conducted in universities with 20-30 students as research participants. This is a cliché, of course, but I'm not particularly surprised by the results of the 2015 study. We need more serious studies and we also need meta-analyses to reach serious conclusions. Maybe we also need more educated researchers, as bad research is probably more often the result of incompetence than fraud (cf Hanlon's razor). Other questions that have been discussed: is it moral to lie to children about Santa Claus? is it moral to lie to people in order to conduct a psychological study (which is done on a regular basis)? Personally, I think they have to be understood from a consequentialist standpoint.
Waking Up with Sam Harris 68 Reality and the Imagination - A Conversation with Yuval Noah Harari

The introduction about how Sam's "fans" should or should not behave online (e.g. how they should be respectful of all the guests on Sam's podcast, even if their views don't make sense) was a bit weird. But I guess he's right. Discussions should always stay civil and constructive, online or not. The part about how Sam doesn't like ads and how only 1% of his listeners are giving money via Patreon, etc. was more interesting. I hate ads. Listening to the Tim Ferriss Show is painful to me in part because of ads. Currently, I'm giving money to five persons on Patreon. Sam is one of them. I really like this system. I actually wish I could support more people in that way (musicians, bloggers, etc.).

Harari tends to use words a bit loosely, so, for him, religions and ideologies have the same role from a historical perspective. Sam retorts that religions rely on supernatural claims, whereas ideologies usually rely on natural claims. They then discuss an example I've been thinking about for years: the technological singularity. Many people see this concept as a "techno-religion" (eternal life, mind uploading, etc.), so I've always been careful not to be too enthusiastic about it. At the same time, it's difficult not to believe that it will happen at some point. I agree that loss of meaning will be one of the hardest challenges to come (e.g. when people won't have to work, at least not as much as they currently have to). The disconnect between what we're "supposed" to do according to evolution and what we'll actually do will get larger with time. Things will probably get weirder. I'm also a bit concerned about virtual reality: I've met several people throughout my life who play video games a lot. Let's just say that I'm far from convinced that this is the best use of your time if you want to become someone interesting...

Very Bad Wizards 73 Authentic Apes and Infinite Torture
Can animals consent to anything at all? In particular, is there any way to justify zoophilia? My personal answer would be: no, probably not. I agree that corrida is torture. It's difficult to understand why it still exists in 2017. I also agree that we should be honest with children, as much as possible, even (especially!) when it comes to religious beliefs, and that children are probably more comfortable with ambiguity than we might imagine.
Very Bad Wizards 72 Tweenie Turing Tests, AI, and Ex Machina (with Joshua Weisberg)
The more I think about the Chinese room thought experiment, the more I think it's useful in showing how not to think about artificial intelligence. Our neurons, individually, do not "understand" our thoughts. Does IBM Watson "understand" the hypotheses it formulates when providing health recommendations? Where's the threshold? What makes us understand things? Ex Machina is more interesting in that it shows what an artificial intelligence can do when it is not (completely) aligned with human moral values. Or aligned with "psychopathic" values. This is the AI control problem. Ask an AI to maximize the number of paperclips in its collection and it could become a dangerous paperclip maximizer. Ask an AI to maximize its score in a video game and it might exploit weird flaws in the video game. Let an AI develop the desire to escape from a room and it might exploit the sexual attraction of a man towards her to manipulate him, kill people, and finally escape. Ok, that last one was a bit more complex, but it's also more intriguing. And entertaining.
Waking Up with Sam Harris 67 Meaning and Chaos - A Conversation with Jordan Peterson
It's impressive that two persons who really disagreed about something (during more than one hour!) can find the time and patience to make a second attempt at a constructive/civil discussion. This is a good example for everybody. A lot of thought-provoking questions are discussed. Can we transcend our genetic/evolutionary predispositions? As was discussed in episode 61 of Very Bad Wizards: if a person or a group of persons suffers from a pathology, can she/they still be said to have a meaningful experience? What's the relationship between truth and fiction? Sam's brilliant deep/spiritual/philosophical interpretation of a fish recipe was absolutely funny and at the same time weakened Peterson's position. Yes, there are "truths" to be found in fiction, including religious fictions, but those patterns are to be expected, as our brains all share the same structure, more or less. I still don't understand why Peterson insists that Christianity has a special value/role here. There are "truths" (or illuminating patterns, to be more precise) in almost all works of fiction, good ones (e.g. Dostoyevsky), but also bad ones. This is just a question of interpretation, as was demonstrated by Harris' fish recipe example.
Very Bad Wizards 61 Putting a Little Meaning in Your Life
If we feel that our life is meaningful, is it a sufficient condition to say that our life is meaningful? Or are there more objective criteria to determine whether it is meaningful or not? I'm not sure there's any takeaway from this episode. My personal view is that life is "ultimately" meaningless. We will all die. Everybody we know will die. As I wrote in my comments for "Life in Light of Death": "Even if we manage to live longer and/or to upload our minds to machines, Earth will be destroyed by the Sun at some point in the future. And even if we manage to move to another planetary system and/or galaxy, the universe will most probably die as well." Can life be "locally meaningful" (e.g. as a social construct)? Yes, I think so. If so, is there any objective criterion for "local meaningfulness"? Such as what others think of what we do (our friends, our family, society in general, etc.)? Is it compatible with the fact that most of us are actually insignificant and will be completely forgotten in a few generations? As Tamler said, "For every van Gogh, there's a million people who just suck.". The conclusion is that I don't really know how to embrace the fact that I'm both "locally meaningful" and "ultimately insignificant".
Very Bad Wizards 41 Moral Dilemmas at the Movies
The question of how we should approach the work of movie directors, for example, who did questionable things in their life (like Roman Polanski or Woody Allen) is important. I don't have a definitive answer. What I know for sure is that I like a lot of Polanski's movies (I've seen most of them). The fact that false memories can be "easily" implanted in people's memories is intriguing (in the case of Allen, not Polanski). Conclusion: we will probably never know what happened. I don't have much to say about Tamler's and David's top 5, as I've only seen two movies from their list (Minority Report and The Dark Knight). I agree they're good choices.
Very Bad Wizards 40 How Many Moralities Are There? Pt. 2 (with Jesse Graham)
I don't have much to say about the part about free will: as I've said many times before, I agree with Sam Harris, Jerry Coyne, etc. more than I agree with Daniel Dennett. The discussion with Jesse Graham sheds some clarity on the "foundations of morality". Graham's work is supposed to be descriptive more than normative, but the frontier between the two is a bit fuzzy and it's hard to be purely descriptive. It's maybe useful to think about those "foundations" as moral intuitions. As far as I am concerned, moral questions should be solved using reason as often as possible, and intuition only when time is very limited.
Very Bad Wizards 39 How Many Moralities Are There? (Pt. 1)
I'm still not sure what I think about the "six foundations" of morality (care, fairness/proportionality, liberty, loyalty/ingroup, authority/respect, and sanctity/purity). Most of them still looks "nonaxiomatic" to me. I'm certainly more on the liberal side of the spectrum than the conservative side. Maybe even more than Sommers and Pizarro, as I probably don't agree with them about the loyalty/ingroup foundation. It makes sense for family/friends (for psychological reasons), but I fail to see why I should care more about a random citizen in my country than about a random person anywhere on the planet. And, yes, I understand the evolutionary explanation behind in-group loyalty and how it might have made sense from a survival standpoint a long time ago.
Very Bad Wizards 37 Porn, Poop, and Personal Identity (with Nina Strohminger)
The discussion about the link between disgust and humor, and between disgust and sexuality was somewhat illuminating (mainly because I hadn't really thought about it before). The part about personal identity (e.g. what's more important for personal identity, memories or moral values?) was thought-provoking but too short.
Waking Up with Sam Harris 66 Living with Robots - A Conversation with Kate Darling
"We are only homo sapiens more or less by accident and we're not going to be them for long." This was a refreshing discussion. Ethics and artificial intelligence are two of my favorite topics. Some very sensitive subtopics were discussed (sex robots, sex toys, paedophilia, beastiality, etc.). The role of empathy and how it can be triggered even with non-humanlike/realistic robots is fascinating.
Waking Up with Sam Harris 65 We're All Cucks Now - A Conversation with David Frum
Another episode about Trump. Actually, this one is relatively "original" in the sense that Harris is interviewing a ("moderate") Republican. We need more discussions like this (i.e. across political parties).
Waking Up with Sam Harris 64 Ask Me Anything #6
I'm a bit tired of hearing about Trump or Islam, but some answers were about more original topics (for Harris). I especially liked the parts about the ethics of life extension and his frustrating discussion with Jordan B. Peterson (I like how Harris insists on having a discussion with people, an exchange of ideas, not simply asking questions and superficially reacting to the answers).
Waking Up with Sam Harris 63 Why Meditate? - A Conversation with Joseph Goldstein
This is a bit ironic as this is an episode about mindfulness, but I had to listen to this episode twice. I really had a hard time focusing on the discussion. I guess it's intriguing to think that there's more to meditation than what I've experienced from it so far (using Headspace, mainly) - the loss of the sense of self, etc.
The Prince Podcast - Eric Leeds Interview Part 2
Surprising to learn that Eric "suffered through" the Lovesexy tour (because the show was very repetitive, because it started after months of boring rehearsals, etc.), when, from a fan perspective, it's just a fantastic tour. The fact that Eric came from a jazz/R&B background and was not particularly interested in the pop/rock dimension of Prince's music, in particular, but is very grateful of all the opportunities Prince gave him, is refreshing. I like the way Alan and Eric have never been afraid to say positive, as well as negative things about Prince. The parts about the dinner with Miles Davis at Prince's home and Prince listening to Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" on repeat were fun. Also, the background story of the Madhouse albums and Eric's own first two albums, even if largely known, was also nice to hear. It's a shame they didn't talk about "N.E.W.S.", though.
The Prince Podcast - Eric Leeds Interview Part 1
I've always liked what Eric added to Prince's music, especially in 1985-1988. I've never been impressed by what I've heard from him outside of Prince's work, though, so it's kind of weird to hear him talk about all his musical idols (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Wayne Shorter, James Brown, etc.). He sounds like he really knows his stuff. The only frustrating thing is that Michael & Co. don't seem to ask particularly clever questions. Lots of "wow" and "fan reactions", when Eric is in fact talking about well-known facts. This was also a frustrating thing about the Susan Rogers interview. A bit more research before the interview would have helped. Fortunately, Eric talks a lot. Many fun anecdotes make this interview (which sometimes sounds like a monologue) very enjoyable.
Very Bad Wizards 35 Douchebags and Desert
This episode somehow failed to held my interest. I don't know why exactly. I'd say that, yes, we do have biases when it comes to attribute blame and those biases should be systematically avoided as much as possible.
Waking Up with Sam Harris 62 What is True? - A Conversation with Jordan B. Peterson
What a weird episode/discussion about epistemology, morality, and (briefly) gender-neutral pronouns. After two hours, I still don't understand Peterson's position. I don't know if that's his fault or Harris'. At this point and after reading some of the comments on Reddit ("What is True? A conversation with Jordan B Peterson" and "Sam Harris vs. Jordan Peterson on Defining Truth"), I have the feeling that Peterson is trying to redefine "truth" and I'm not sure that's particularly helpful. I still don't know why he's doing it.
Alex & Erik's Podcast 38 Democracy, a new era of demagoguery, or just a fluke?
Is the rise of populism (and the election of people such as Trump) caused by more democratic, less elitist societies? What role does technology have when it comes to democracy? Those are intriguing questions. I agree that the "fake news" phenomenon is similar to spam and can probably be fixed, technologically, in a similar way. The "echo chamber" phenomenon is a bit harder to fix, as people are on social networks such as Facebook for fun, not to be challenged. But I have the intuition that it can also be fixed (via psychology, deep learning, etc.). Another factor is the rise of inequalities. Here, I don't completely agree with Daniel Miessler: you have to "fix" the people, but you also have to fix (by fine-tuning or radically changing?) the system.
Peach & Black Podcast - Vanity 6 Review
"Vanity 6" is far from being my favorite "protégé" album. Two of the songs are good to very good and the rest is average or simply mediocre. But it was still fun to hear the Peach and Black team discuss this album, with a lot of humor, as usual.
Waking Up with Sam Harris 61 The Power of Belief - A Conversation with Lawrence Wright
Surprising to learn that many women in Saudi Arabia are very conservative. Instructive exchange about conspiracy theories and fake news: we need more skepticism, as cognitive biases can be dangerous. We have an ethical obligation to help refugees, but at the same time we can't help everybody: this is a hard problem. The situation in the Middle East is the worst Wright has seen in all his life. The discussion about scientology was instructive as well. What a dangerous, powerful, and hence worrying sect!
Waking Up with Sam Harris 60 An Evening with Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris (2)
I really like hearing Dawkins speak about evolution and biology. This episode made me want to read more of his books.
The Prince Podcast - Susan Rogers Interview
Susan Rogers is a fantastic source of information about Prince. A few missed "opportunities" during the interview (a copy of the original version of "Wally" was made on a cassette tape before the multitrack was completely erased? come on, let's talk about that!) and average (or even bad) questions made listening to this episode a bit frustrating, though.
Waking Up with Sam Harris 59 Friend & Foe - A Conversation with Maajid Nawaz
Another episode that went above my head. I'm a bit tired of this topic (Islam, etc.) at this point. I understand this is a very important one, though.
Very Bad Wizards 30 The Greatest Books Ever Written
Several of the books were already on my to-read list ("The Extended Phenotype", "Gödel, Escher, Bach", and "Guns, Germs, and Steel"). I guess I should really read "Passions Within Reason" (but it's not available on Kindle...) and "Jacques le fataliste et son maître". The only book I had already read is "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!".
Waking Up with Sam Harris 58 The Putin Question - A Conversation with Garry Kasparov
"You know." Kasparov sounds like somebody who is knowledgeable, but I can't say I'm really that interested in politics. Most of that episode went way above my head. The part about chess and artificial intelligence (AI) could have been interesting, but Kasparov doesn't sound particularly knowledgeable in that area (artificial intelligence, not chess, obviously). His book on the topic might be interesting, though.
Peach & Black Podcast - 2016 - Epilogue
It was nice to hear the Peach & Black team again, even if it was not an episode about a particular album or topic. 2016 has been a tough year for Prince fans...
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