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Inside No. 9 Series 9
Lost Season 2
2024 7
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Lost Season 1
An excellent first season. We watched it for the first time in late 2005-early 2006. I had forgotten many things, including the rather slow pace.
Better Things Season 5
I'll miss this show.
Les Années collège Season 2
Voir la saison précédente.
Fargo Season 5
After a disappointing fourth season, this season was excellent, again, like the first three seasons. I can now say without reservation that Fargo is one of my favorite TV shows of all time (just skip season 4).
Black Mirror Series 6
Not a bad season, but not an excellent one either. Mazey Day and Demon 79 were a bit off-topic. The rest was pretty good.
Les Années collège Season 1
Regardé sous le coup de la nostalgie. J'ai vu cette série sur Antenne 2, à la fin des années 80 et/ou au début des années 90. C'est vraiment très naïf. Le doublage français fait mal aux oreilles.
Better Things Season 4
Another excellent season.
2023 12
Date Name Season/series
Better Things Season 3
The first season of Better Things without Louis C.K.'s involvement. It's still good.
Inside No. 9 Series 8
Apart from "3 by 3", which was a bit boring, this was an enjoyable season.
Better Things Season 2
An excellent season, with a fantastic ending (Christine and the Queens).
Better Things Season 1
After watching Lucky Louie, this is a breath of fresh air. Louis C.K.'s involvement with Better Things stopped in 2017, so I'm curious to see what the show became after his "departure".
Lucky Louie -
This was pretty bad or at most average. I watched this show because I absolutely loved Louie and Horace & Pete. That was a disappointment.
Better Call Saul Season 6
This made us want to watch Breaking Bad again, with the feeling that Better Call Saul might actually be a better show.
Better Call Saul Season 5
Another fantastic season.
Rick and Morty Season 6
For some reasons, I waited 3 months to watch the last episode of the season. Not a good sign, I guess.
Better Call Saul Season 4
I was wondering whether the series would be still interesting without Chuck. I was pleasantly surprised.
The Last of Us Season 1
I'm a fan of post-apocalytic movies, such as 28 Days Later, The Road, A Quiet Place, etc. The Last of Us is obviously pretty good, but somewhat less satisfying than some of those movies. Ellie is a fun character. Joel looks and sounds a bit "empty"; I don't know why. Also: everything feels a bit linear, just like in a video game, i.e. you don't really feel that things are happening outside of the main action. Maybe this is just what a depressing post-apocalypic world feels like? I don't know where season 2 can go from there. Is civilization doomed? Can a cure be found? Can anything be rebuilt?
Better Call Saul Season 3
I'll have to take back what I said about the previous season ("no action", "contemplative"). This season was more stressful, with more cliffhangers. Still excellent, though.
Better Call Saul Season 2
We love this show. We're hooked. The character development is perfect. Jimmy is often doing the wrong thing, but in a kind of adorable way. The cinematography is beautiful. And I just realized that there's almost no action. Everything's kind of slow. Almost contemplative.
2022 15
Date Name Season/series
The Tripods Series 2
La troisième fois que je regarde cette saison, après 1988 et 2015. La première édition en DVD des Tripodes (en 2001) ne comprenait que la première saison. Globalement une meilleure saison que la première, avec moins de longueurs. J'ai également regardé le documentaire The Cult of The Tripods, inclus dans le DVD.
Better Call Saul Season 1
We started watching Better Call Saul mainly because it's a spin-off of Breaking Bad, which we liked a lot. It's not exactly what I expected, but in this case, it's a good thing. You quickly forget that it's a spin-off, since it's such an excellent show in its own right.
The Tripods Series 1
C'est la quatrième fois que je regarde la première saison des Tripodes, après 1986, 2001 et 2015. Série qui m'avait fascinée lorsque j'avais 7 ans, celle-ci a un peu mal vieilli, il est vrai, en comparaison avec toutes les séries excellentes de ces dernières decennies. L'histoire n'a toutefois pas pris une ride, à mon avis, et c'est une adaptation télévisée qu'il faut savoir regarder en gardant en tête les limitations techniques de l'époque (absence d'images de synthèse), ainsi que le public cible, plutôt jeune.
Scenes from a Marriage -
This was a mini-series before being released as a film, apparently. I really like the format. Everything's focused on the couple. We never see (or even hear) the children, for example. This is striking. Everything's brutally honest. I guess this is also why I really liked the Before trilogy by Richard Linklater.
Solar Opposite Season 3
Another great season.
Bref. -
Une excellente série française, presque devenue cliché, mais pleine d'inventivité, qui navigue habillement entre humour, philosophie et drame. C'est la seconde fois que je la regarde.
Solar Opposite Season 2
All in all, a great season (and show).
Solar Opposite Season 1
A show quite similar to Rick and Morty (both shows were co-created by Justin Roiland). Maybe a bit easier to follow/understand.
How to Change Your Mind -
A concise documentary about LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and mescaline, focused on their psychotherapeutic applications and on why those substances should be decriminalized. A good complement to the book of the same name.
Inside No. 9 Series 7
An enjoyable season. "Mr King", "Nine Lives Kat" (especially), and "Wise Owl" were good episodes.
This Is Us Season 6
An uneven show overall. I guess it kind of helped me think about my relationships with my wife, my 4-year-old son, our parents, etc.
Severance Season 1
This was hands down the best show I've seen in a long while. I'm not sure where season 2 can go from there. As someone on Reddit wrote, let's hope they don't "Westworld" us.
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11
An enjoyable season overall. Not the best of course, but I don't agree with some of the overly negative criticism you can find online.
Sherlock Series 4
So, after watching the four available series, I think I agree that this is one of the best shows of all time.
The Beatles: Get Back -
A long (almost 8 hours) but fantastic documentary.
2021 11
Date Name Season/series
Sherlock Series 3
A strong series/season.
Sherlock Series 2
What a cliffhanger!
Sherlock Series 1
One of the best shows ever according to IMDb. I can see why. This was a short "season" (three 90-minute episodes).
Inside No. 9 Series 6
After a strong start ("Wuthering Heist"), a uneven series, again. I guess I'm ready for this show to end, now.
Rick and Morty Season 5
A better season than the last one, maybe? There are going to be five more seasons, if I understand correctly. At this point, I'm not sure this is a good idea.
Fargo Season 4
I didn't know anything about this season (i.e. didn't read anything about it on Reddit or elsewhere) before watching it and still found it underwhelming after a few episodes. This seems to be the consensus. It got better after a while, but barely. I really liked "East/West".
This Is Us Season 5
Not bad, but I think I'm ready for this show to end.
The Twilight Zone Season 5
Probably the weakest season, but still some excellent episodes (e.g. "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", "Stopover in a Quiet Town", etc.).
Westworld Season 3
For season 2, I wrote: "I'm not sure where it can go from there, though." This explains why I didn't really enjoy the third season. It has a kind of Matrix feel. At the same time, the anti-social networks angle is a bit too obvious/cliché.
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Season 3
As usual, some weird moments (e.g. "Xenon: the Perfect Anesthetic?") and some fun moments (e.g. "A Positive Methamphetamine Story"). This was unfortunately the last season of the show, according to a recent interview with Hamilton Morris.
Monstres et Merveilles -
Cela faisait des années que je cherchais le nom de cette mini-série, que j'ai dû voir sur la Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR) en 1987-88. Je me souvenais clairement de certains éléments de style, comme l'utilisation d'ombres et de silouhettes, ainsi que du conteur et du chien au coin du feu, mais, au final, en regardant à nouveau les épisodes, même doublés en français, je m'aperçois qu'ils ne me rappellent rien de précis.
2020 13
Date Name Season/series
The Twilight Zone Season 4
Some people aren't fans of the one-hour format, but I really liked it. Apart from the last episode, this was a pretty strong season.
The Twilight Zone Season 3
I still enjoy watching this show. Yes, some episodes are weaker (a comedy with angels, really?), but most episodes are pretty good and there are still some gems from time to time.
Breaking Bad Season 5
We watched the five seasons in a bit more than two months. It's an excellent show. I don't know yet if it's one of my favorite. Which means it's probably not.
Rick and Morty Season 4
A weaker season, but still pretty good.
Breaking Bad Season 4
Our first thought at the end of the season: what about Mike? Other than that, I don't know what will happen in season 5 and whether it can still be interesting at all. I guess we'll see very soon.
Breaking Bad Season 3
A good season. I'm not a fan of the "Fly" episode, though. It looked like a failed joke. Give me a glass, a piece of paper, and I can catch a fly in 15 seconds. Not funny.
Breaking Bad Season 2
We tried not to binge-watch that season. This is a good thing, because some episodes tend to be quite stress-inducing...
Breaking Bad Season 1
Let's just say we're hooked! We watched this (short) first season in a few days.
Modern Family Season 11
Let's just say this is a good thing that this show is finally over. During the last seasons, it was less lame than The Big Bang Theory, but only slightly. This only confirms my observation that a show should only last for more than five seasons if it is absolutely brilliant (which not many shows are).
Inside No. 9 Series 5
An uneven series, again. "Misdirection" was pretty good. "Thinking Out Loud" was like a very cheap version of Mr. Robot.
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10
See comments for season 9. I'd say this would be the right time to stop/cancel the show, but with one new season every 3-5 years, I guess I wouldn't mind another season either.
This Is Us Season 4
An enjoyable season, with the first signs of over-the-top elements (i.e. just included for their dramatic impact).
Bob's Burgers Season 6
We finished this season without even realizing it (I'm writing this on January 1, 2021). This means that we haven't watched a single episode of Bob's Burgers for the remainder of the year.
2019 15
Date Name Season/series
Mr. Robot Season 4
Definitely one of my favorite shows ever. The show's finale was better than expected (I actually didn't know what to expect, but I feared a bad/lazy ending à la Lost).
Silicon Valley Season 6
I didn't realize this was the final season before watching the final episode, which... I didn't know was the final episode! That was a weird experience. I suddenly became a bit melancholic, although the show should have been one or two seasons shorter.
The Twilight Zone Season 2
Some episodes seem to reuse ideas from previous episodes, but, overall, it's still very good.
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Season 2
A very good season. Some sad moments (e.g. "A Clandestine Chemist's Tale" or the death of Timothy Wyllie). The last episode ("The Cactus Apprentice") was weird.
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Season 1
I discovered this show via Tim Ferriss' podcast. It's fun and informative.
Bob's Burgers Season 5
See season 4. We haven't watched Bob's Burgers as often since 2017, but this is partly because there are so many shows to watch!
The Twilight Zone Season 1
It's weird to watch a TV show from 1959. After each episode, I have a look at the actors' entries on IMDb. 95% of the time, they're dead. The story of Terry Burnham, in particular, aged 11 when she played in "Nightmare as a Child", is tragic. Anyway, The Twilight Zone is the kind of shows you have to watch with a different mindset. If you don't, it will look naive and simplistic.
Black Mirror Series 5
It was not as bad as expected (having quickly read some articles/reviews online). I understand why a lot of people hated "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too", though.
Chernobyl -
Like many people I guess, we watched this miniseries right after the end of Game of Thrones. It's excellent. Although probably overrated (currently Top Rated TV #1 on IMDb).
Game of Thrones Season 8
Like many people, I think this final season could have been something else. More epic, probably. Less lazy, certainly.
Broad City Season 5
So, after some hesitation, I finally watched season 5 and eventually learnt that it would be the final season. Good timing. The final episode was quite moving.
The Big Bang Theory Season 12
Finally, it's over. The final episode was underwhelming, but I don't really know how it could have been better. The show should have ended 5-6 seasons before.
Modern Family Season 10
There are still a few funny moments here and there. My biggest problem with the show are the lame subplots (which usually involve Haley) and the bad and/or child actors (Gloria, Lily, and Joe). At this point, the show is still stronger than The Big Bang Theory's last seasons.
This Is Us Season 3
Pretty good season. I think I'm starting to really appreciate the cathartic elements of this show.
Modern Family Season 9
It's probably time for this show to end and I just learnt that season 11 will be the final season. Good. Season 9 was okay. The Haley/Fennerman "subplot", again, is a bit lame.
2018 19
Date Name Season/series
Modern Family Season 8
See comments for season 7 (i.e. an okay/entertaining season).
Le Coffret Magique -
C'est une série britannique que j'ai dû voir sur la Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR) fin 1985 ou fin 1986 (la chaîne l'a diffusée deux fois). Je m'en souvenais vaguement (un coffret permettant de changer de taille et de voler), mais n'ai retrouvé son nom que très récemment. A l'époque, c'était une série que je trouvais vraiment "magique". Je me suis prêté à une expérience pour voir ce qui restait de cette magie 32 ou 33 ans plus tard, en regardant une version doublée en français (pour être au plus proche de ce que j'avais vu à l'époque) et de piètre qualité (vieille VHS) sur YouTube. Résultat des courses : c'est globalement assez niais. Certainement que le doublage cheap n'aide pas, mais une série comme The Tripods, dans un autre style mais également produite par la BBC à la même époque, a définitivement mieux vieilli, malgré ses défauts.
Westworld Season 2
The first season was excellent. The second season was a bit more difficult to follow (different timelines, etc.), but still good, with intriguing philosophical questions. I'm not sure where it can go from there, though.
Fargo Season 3
It's officially one of my favorite shows. I can't wait for the fourth season (which will not be aired before 2020, apparently).
Silicon Valley Season 5
Still one of my favorite shows. T.J. Miller's abrupt departure from the show was a surprise to me. Some of the jokes (with Dinesh, in particular) were a bit lame. So, let's hope than the sixth season is a bit better (and maybe even the last season of the show?).
Modern Family Season 7
I'm not a fan of the Haley/Andy "subplot". Other than that, an okay/entertaining season.
The Big Bang Theory Season 11
I don't have much to say about this season, except that I really hope season 12 is the last one.
Fargo Season 2
I found it quite hard to leave behind all the characters from season 1, but then I became quickly attached to the new characters. All in all an excellent season for an excellent show. With a touch of mystery / science fiction (UFO).
Fargo Season 1
An excellent show! I'm watching it without knowing anything about it, so I was very surprised by the end of the season.
Modern Family Season 6
See comments for season 5.
Inside No. 9 Series 4
I'd say this series was weaker than the previous ones. "Zanzibar", "And the Winner Is...", and "Tempting Fate" were not up to par.
This Is Us Season 2
Still not a huge fan after two seasons, but it's a good show, often moving.
Broad City Season 4
Still pretty good, but at this point, I'm not sure I'll watch the next season, if there is one.
Modern Family Season 5
See comments for season 4. Slightly better than the previous season?
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9
I watched the first 8 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm over the course of 11 months in 2015 and 2016. It's still a good show, with regular cringe-inducing moments, as expected (and I mean that in a good way).
Modern Family Season 4
I don't have much to add compared to season 3. This was an average/good season. Like This Is Us, it's not a particularly edgy show, but it's just what I need from time to time (something funny and light).
Black Mirror Series 4
I wrote that the previous season was "very dark", but this one is, I think, even darker. The theme of artificial consciousness and "artificial torture/hell" is present in several episodes: "USS Callister", "Hang the DJ", and "Black Museum". It was also present in "White Christmas" in 2014. It's a fascinating topic and I think it's a good thing that it can be popularized in such a way. In "Hang the DJ", an intriguing idea is introduced: artificial intelligence/consciousness agents in a simulation, not realizing that they're in a simulation. Of course, Matrix did it first, but here the simulation is "pure" (i.e. there are no "real" bodies anywhere). "Crocodile" and "Metalhead" (autonomous weapons, post-apocalyptic world) were particularly stress-inducing. My least favorite episode of the season was probably the one directed by Jodie Foster, "Arkangel".
Rick and Morty Season 3
One of my favorite animated shows. It tackles at lot of philosophical themes, some of them rather negative (absurdism, nihilism, etc.), some of them intriguing (personal identity, etc.). The framework of (infinite) parallel universes is an ideal way to explore those themes, I think, since it puts "our world" into perspective. Many articles have been written about it. What's also interesting to me is that all those serious themes are treated with (dark) humor, which is refreshing.
Modern Family Season 3
I'm liking this show more and more. I just realized that they're currently showing season 9. That's a lot of seasons. I hope they're not "milking the cow".
2017 23
Date Name Season/series
Modern Family Season 2
As said in January 2017 when we finished the first season, we're watching "the other seasons". I probably enjoyed the second season more than the first one, so this is a good sign. Again (like This Is Us), it's not one of my favorite shows (yet), but it's not too far behind.
This Is Us Season 1
I'm not a huge fan of this show, but it has its charms. I cried a few times. It's sometimes funny. I wouldn't say it's edgy, but it's not corny either (except maybe a couple of times). Let's see where it goes with season 2.
Mr. Robot Season 3
Again, a fantastic show (I'm repeating myself, here). Season 3 was more fast-paced than season 2. It was very dark/depressing, as usual. My only complaint would be that there were maybe a little too many twists and turns. I'm relieved that the show is not going the "Lost way" (yet), though, i.e. using paranormal and time travel to explain things.
Episodes Series 5
A fun show. Matt LeBlanc playing Matt LeBlanc was an excellent idea, at least in 2011. Then it kind of lost its charm over the years, so it's a good thing this is the final series/season, even if I enjoyed it, overall.
Twin Peaks Season 3
This is simply the most fantastic "TV show" I've seen in a long time. I use quotes, because this is actually like an 18-hour movie. Pure David Lynch from start to finish. Entire books could be written about this season and about some of the episodes in particular ("Part 8" is a mini-movie in itself).
Bob's Burgers Season 4
I haven't commented on the first three seasons, so I'll make my general comments here. Bob's Burgers is a kind of mix between a more edgy version of The Simpsons and a more family-friendly version of South Park. The voice acting is excellent and is a huge part of the show. At the moment, it's one of my favorite comedy animation shows.
Black Mirror Series 3
This season was about social networks, virtual reality, autonomous drones, hacking, online blackmail, mind uploading, etc. Overall, a very dark season. The last episode, in particular, "Hated in the Nation", was terrifying. Let's be honest, it's something that could happen in the future. This is why some people think the AI control problem is so important.
Game of Thrones Season 7
This was a short season (only seven episodes) and season 8 "is expected to premiere in late 2018/early 2019" only. The fact that season 2 of Westworld apparently won't start before spring 2018 is also a bit frustrating. Anyway, these are impressive shows and I understand that they take time to produce. Season 7 of Game of Thrones was quite intense. As always, important characters got killed. It goes without saying. Now I'm really curious about what will happen in season 8, because, at this point, it looks quite predictable.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1
I started watching this short season (7 episodes) in 2011 and then completely stopped for six years. I don't know if I'm completely convinced yet, but this show is highly regarded (currently "Top Rated TV #63" on IMDb), so I'll probably try and watch season 2.
Mr. Robot Season 2
What a fantastic, weird, sometimes dark show! The first season was quite normal in comparison with the second one. There were a few "David Lynch" moments (the scenes with the little girl, the fish, etc.). I hope the show won't end up being disapppointing, like Lost after a few seasons. I can't wait for season 3, obviously!
Mr. Robot Season 1
Hackers, mental illness, conspiracies, revolution. A lot of interesting themes in this show. I first heard colleagues mention this show. After hearing Tamler and David from the Very Bad Wizards podcast talk about it, I knew I had to watch it! And it didn't disappoint.
Silicon Valley Season 4
A great show and a good season. Yes, it's not always very realistic (unlike Mr. Robot, where you can regularly see snippets of code being written on the screen), but this is a comedy, after all, so exaggerations are expected. Virtual reality, deep learning, decentralized protocols, etc. are common themes, though, so it's still a sophisticated show (unlike The Big Bang Theory...).
Inside No. 9 Series 3
An excellent series. Very Roald Dahlesque. "The Riddle of the Sphinx" was one the best episodes, but it was also surprinsingly really dark. I'm really glad to read that a fourth series will be produced.
The Big Bang Theory Season 10
Ok, let's be honest: I only watch The Big Bang Theory out of habit. At this point, it's less enjoyable than the last seasons of either Friends or How I Met Your Mother.
Veep Season 3
I don't have much more to say about this show. I would say season 3 is slightly better than season 2 (more "action" and more twists). I'm not sure I know where it can go from there, though.
Black Mirror Series 2
"Be Right Back" is thought-provoking, because (at least in my opinion), it's something that will really happen at some point in the near future (at least the part with the chatbot). Ray Kurzweil is planning to do it with his father. "White Bear" was a bit more Twilight Zone-ish and disturbing. "The Waldo Moment" was the weakest of the three episodes. I guess this is a reminder that most people don't seriously care about politics. We currently have Donald Trump, Brexit, and other instances of populism as evidence for that. Overall, it's still a good show. The "White Christmas" special episode was particularly good. The part about artificial intelligence torture/slavery was really disturbing (because it could become a real).
Veep Season 2
I'm slowly getting more and more into this show. It's still a bit hard to follow at times, though.
Veep Season 1
A lot of known actors in this show, obviously (from Seinfeld, Arrested Development, etc.). For a non-native English speaker such as me, the show is a little bit difficult to follow (more than most shows), but I like it. The theme of the show is also quite original (politics in Washington, D.C.).
Horace and Pete Season 1
What a original show! Louie was already one of my favorite shows (it's funny, poetic, absurd, and, yes, sometimes vulgar, all at the same time). Horace and Pete definitely comes from the same man. It's a show, yes, a web series, to be more accurate, but it's also like a filmed stage play and, at times, like a movie (the scene with Laurie Metcalf is absolutely brilliant). I don't know what a second season would look like, but this is already a show I would recommend.
Broad City Season 3
A bit too vulgar at times, but I still like it.
Black Mirror Series 1
Excellent, troubling show. Only three episodes in the first series. "The Entire History of You" was particularly thought-provoking.
The Crazy Ones Season 1
Not a bad show, but I don't completely like it. It's not "edgy" or original enough.
Modern Family Season 1
An "old" (2009) show. Quite funny. We will probably watch the other seasons.
2016 29
2015 13
Date Name Season/series
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1
Inside No. 9 Series 2
Go On Season 1
Game of Thrones Season 1
Seinfeld Season 9
Silicon Valley Season 2
The Tripods Series 2
The Tripods Series 1
The Big Bang Theory Season 8
Episodes Series 4
Moone Boy Series 2
Seinfeld Season 8
Episodes Series 3
2014 16
Date Name Season/series
Web Therapy Season 1
Seinfeld Season 7
Episodes Series 2
Inside No. 9 Series 1
Silicon Valley Season 1
Moone Boy Series 1
Bob's Burgers Season 2
Episodes Series 1
Mixology Season 1
Seinfeld Season 6
Bob's Burgers Season 1
The Big Bang Theory Season 7
Community Season 5
How I Met Your Mother Season 9
Seinfeld Season 5
Arrested Development Season 4
2013 9
Date Name Season/series
Seinfeld Season 4
Date uncertain.
Seinfeld Season 3
The Big Bang Theory Season 6
How I Met Your Mother Season 8
The Office (US) Season 9
Community Season 4
Seinfeld Season 2
Arrested Development Season 3
Date uncertain.
Arrested Development Season 2
Date uncertain.
2012 9
2011 8
Date Name Season/series
The Office (US) Season 1
Community Season 2
Community Season 1
Twin Peaks Season 2
Seinfeld Season 1
Twin Peaks Season 1
The Big Bang Theory Season 4
How I Met Your Mother Season 6
2010 5
Date Name Season/series
Friends Season 10
How I Met Your Mother Season 5
The Big Bang Theory Season 3
How I Met Your Mother Season 4
Friends Season 8
2009 9
Date Name Season/series
How I Met Your Mother Season 3
How I Met Your Mother Season 2
How I Met Your Mother Season 1
The Big Bang Theory Season 2
Lost Season 5
Friends Season 4
The Big Bang Theory Season 1
Chocky Chocky's Challenge
Futurama Season 4
2008 4
Date Name Season/series
Futurama Season 2
The Simpsons Season 10
Lost Season 4
Prison Break Season 3
2006 1
Date Name Season/series
Lost Season 1
2004 2
Date Name Season/series
On the Air -
Friends Season 10
2003 1
Date Name Season/series
Friends Season 9
2002 1
Date Name Season/series
Friends Season 7
2001 2
Date Name Season/series
Friends Season 2
The Tripods Series 1
1998 2
Date Name Season/series
The Tripods Series 2
See first series (previous day).
The Tripods Series 1
An American fan of the Tripods copied what he had from the two series onto a few VHS tapes and shipped them to me (about half of the episodes from the first series and the whole second series). I watched the tapes over the course of two days.
1988 1
Date Name Season/series
The Tripods Series 2
Le dernier épisode a été diffusé le 1er juin 1988 sur la Télévision Suisse Romande, mais je ne suis pas sûr de l'avoir vu. Il me semble vaguement me souvenir que je l'avais manqué, pour une raison ou pour une autre. Je n'ai pas la moindre idée si j'ai été au courant par la suite que la série avait été annulée ou si j'ai juste "oublié" cette série et suis passé à autre chose, avant de m'en souvenir des années plus tard.
1986 1
Date Name Season/series
The Tripods Series 1
La série était diffusée en français sur la Télévision Suisse Romande. Le dernier épisode de la première saison, que je suivais avec enthousiasme, a été diffusé le 24 janvier 1986. J'ai probablement dû le regarder en direct.