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2023 4
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2023-09-18 Europa-Park, Germany
Our 6th visit to Europa-Park. 3 days. 2 nights. It was a blast. We met several friends and their children. This was also our longest trip with our VW ID.3.
2023-08-10 England, UK
My first time in the UK outside of London. We visited Canterbury, Brighton, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Bath, and Oxford. I didn't know anything about most of those places, so that was an enriching trip. Stonehenge was a highlight, but there were many things to like, from cathedrals/abbeys to old warships. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that vegetarian/vegan dishes are available in most restaurants. This is not something you see often in Swiss restaurants...
2023-07-10 Corse, France Corse, France
My first time in Corsica. We stayed in the Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, and Bonifacio areas. Beautiful landscapes, mountains, beaches, etc. I hope we'll have the opportunity to return there one day.
2023-04-18 London, UK London, UK
My 3rd trip to London. The 1st time, in 2003, was to see Keith Jarrett at the Royal Festival Hall. The 2nd time, in 2007, was to see Prince at the O2 and at the Indigo2. This time, we didn't see any concert, but we saw a play (The Mousetrap), a musical (Back to the Future: The Musical) and visited three museums (Tate Modern, British Museum, and National Gallery), among other things. That was fun. I will miss the vegetarian/vegan restaurants, like in Berlin.
2022 5
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2022-09-19 Basel, Switzerland / Europa-Park, Germany Basel
Our 5th trip to Basel and 5th visit to Europa-Park, this time with our 4-year-old son. In Basel, we visited the Basel Paper Mill, which is a fantastic place for children (and adults!), and went to Aquabasilea.
2022-08-10 Le Boucanet / Montpellier / Carcassonne / Toulouse, France Le Boucanet / Montpellier / Aigues-Mortes
My first time in all those nice places. I'd like to go back to Toulouse someday, but probably during spring or fall, when it is less hot.
2022-07-16 Turin / Milan / Verona / Stresa, Italy Turin
Milan / Bergamo
Iseo / Stresa
Turin and Milan both have beautiful areas, but Verona was our favorite place visited during this trip. We'll probably visit it again in the near future. Possibly in spring/autumn, as the temperatures were too high for my taste. Stresa and the Borromean Islands were also very nice, with the advantage of being quite close to where we live (i.e. also an idea for an upcoming weekend).
2022-05-27 Weil-am-Rhein, Germany / Basel, Switzerland Weil-am-Rhein, Germany / Basel, Switzerland
This was our first time in Weil am Rhein and our 4th trip to Basel. We had an excellent meal (vegan menu, for me) at Gasthaus zur Krone. We visited the Beyeler Foundation, the Vitra Campus, the Kunstmuseum Basel, and Augusta Raurica, among other things.
2022-04-29 Berlin, Germany Berlin
My 18th trip to Berlin (my 4th since 2010 actually). This was a trip to mark our 10 years of marriage, as Berlin is a special city for us. We visited the Humboldt Forum for the first time (twice), among other museums. We planned two special diners at a vegetarian (Cookies Cream) and vegan (Lucky Leek) Michelin restaurants, and visited some of our favorite "normal" restaurants as well (Atame, Samadhi, and Oxymoron). We also biked quite a lot. That was fun.
2021 3
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2021-08-02 Schaffhausen / Saint Gall / Grisons, Switzerland Schaffhausen
Saint Gall
I might have already visited Schaffhausen, Saint Gall, and the Grisons when I was a child, but I'm not sure. It would have been a very long time ago. Anyway, Switzerland is expensive, but it's also beautiful. We should probably go back to the Grisons once our son is older, so we can hike and bike there.
2021-07-09 Vallorbe / Bern / Lucerne / Interlaken, Switzerland Vallorbe / Bern / Lucerne / Interlaken, Switzerland
A family trip in Vallorbe (Vallorbe Caves), Bern, Lucerne (Swiss Museum of Transport), and Interlaken (rain, mostly).
2021-04-08 Leukerbad, Switzerland Leukerbad, Switzerland
Our fifth stay in Leukerbad and our second at the Bristol Hotel, which has its own indoor and outdoor thermal bath. It was a welcome break, without our almost-3-year-old son. Being able to go to a bar and a restaurant for the first time in four months was also pretty cool.
2020 2
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2020-09-21 Basel, Switzerland Basel, Switzerland
Our third weekend in Basel (and our first with our 2-year old son). We went to the Spielzeug Welten Museum, among other things (walking in the Old Town, crossing the Rhine on small boats, having delicious food at Markthalle, etc.). This certainly won't be our last stay in that nice city.
2020-08-11 Bretagne / Brittany, France Bretagne / Brittany, France
This was my first trip to Bretagne / Brittany in about 30 years. I didn't swim in the English Channel (La Manche), this time (one story I heard a lot those last 30 years: I apparently was almost taken by strong currents when swimming in La Manche in St-Malo - I didn't realize at the time I could have been in danger). We ate a lot of crêpes (sometimes because it was the easiest way to eat something vegetarian), a lot of pastries (kouign-amann and others), and drank a lot of cider. If it wasn't for the non-vegetarian-friendly food (seafood and French cuisine in general), I guess I could live in Brittany. This is a really nice region.
2019 2
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2019-09-16 Leukerbad, Switzerland Leukerbad, Switzerland
Our fourth stay in Leukerbad (after 2006, 2014, and 2018). Our first weekend without our 16-month-old baby.
2019-08-02 Oslo / Northern Norway Oslo / Northern Norway
I already visited Oslo in 2002, but this was the first time I visited Northern Norway. We had a lot of luck with the weather (a lot of sun, comfortable temperatures, often around 20 °C). North Cape (Nordkapp) was a bit underwhelming (it's a place "at the end of the world", but it somehow looks fake/artificial). I'm glad we went to Magerøya (the island), though. I really like sparsely populated areas. The Lofoten Islands were absolutely fantastic, of course. I'd like to go back there again, someday, and visit Senja and possibly other islands as well.
2018 2
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2018-09-16 Cala Mesquida, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain Mallorca
We did a similar trip last year (in Alcúdia, more or less on the same side of the island, 50 minutes away from Cala Mesquida), this time with a 4-month-old baby. The plan was more or less the same: sleep, eat, go to the swimming pool or the beach, read books, etc. This time I finished five books (three of which I had started many weeks ago). I also did a short hike to Talaia de son Jaumell (beautiful view). I think I prefered Cala Mesquida to Alcúdia (more nature, no cars, beautiful beach, mountains, etc.), but the hotel in Alcúdia (PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa) was probably a bit better than the one in Cala Mesquida (Zafiro Cala Mesquida). Next time, we should really visit the whole island more (with a rented car, possibly).
2018-03-11 Leukerbad, Switzerland Leukerbad, Switzerland
Our third stay in Leukerbad (after 2006 and 2014) and our last weekend/trip before our baby was born. Like last time, we had a massage at the Sources des Alpes (but we stayed at another, way cheaper hotel).
2017 4
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2017-10-22 Chicago / New Orleans / New York, USA Chicago
Chicago: Art Institute
Chicago: The Driehaus Museum
New Orleans
New York
New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York
New York: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
I had never been to Chicago. It's a nice city (lake, river, buildings, etc.). I particularly liked the Art Institute of Chicago (a fantastic museum!). It was the second time I went to New Orleans and the first time since 2001. This is the city I liked the least among the three. I liked the National WWII Museum, though. It's very well done. Finally, this was the third time I went to New York (after 2001 and 2004). A fantastic city, of course. The city. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is impressive. Probably one of the best museums in the world. The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum was completely different, but very moving and also very well done. It had a special meaning for me, as I first visited New York in September 2001, a few days before 9/11. I will also miss the vegan restaurants. A lot.
2017-08-27 Adelboden, Switzerland Adelboden & Thun
A weekend in Adelboden for our 5-year wedding anniversary. We stayed at The Cambrian, a wonderful hotel, with a beautiful view, a spa, an indoor pool, a small outdoor pool (warmer), an excellent restaurant, etc. A very relaxing stay. We visited Thun Castle on our way back.
2017-08-04 Alcúdia, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain Mallorca
This is not the kind of trips I'm naturally "attracted" to. We spent seven nights at PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa. We didn't visit the area. At all. Instead, we slept, ate, went to the swimming pool and to the spa, read books, etc. For six complete days. This was the plan and this is what we did. I finished A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy and started Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. The last time we did something similar was in 2013, when we went to Fuerteventura.
2017-04-23 Tokyo / Kyoto, Japan Tokyo
Tokyo: National Museum of Modern Art
This was a trip we had wanted to do for several years. It was obviously very different from our trip to Namibia in 2016: big cities (Tokyo, especially), many people (in the subway, in the stations, in the streets), a language (Japanese) we couldn't read, etc.; but it was also quite "exotic", in a different way. This was the cherry blossom season, so nature was still an important dimension of the trip, in a sense, although we mainly visited cities. It was quite a dense trip, which I see as a kind of introduction to a country I had never visited before. We definitely need to go back to Japan someday.
2014 4
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2014-10-26 Florence, Italy Florence
Florence: Palazzo Pitti
Florence: Palazzo Vecchio
Florence: Galleria dell'Accademia
2014-08-10 Québec / New Brunswick, Canada Montréal / Mauricie / Québec
From Québec to Tadoussac
Zoo sauvage de St-Félicien
Bergeronnes (whale watching)
New Brunswick / Québec / Montréal
Montréal: Musée des beaux-arts
2014-04-27 Piedmont, Italy Piedmont, Italy
2014-02-23 Leukerbad, Switzerland Leukerbad, Switzerland
2013 6
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2013-10-21 Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
NG Prague - Veletržní Palace
2013-08-08 Jandía, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain Jandía, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
2013-06-30 Château de Pizay, Saint-Jean-d'Ardières, France Château de Pizay, Saint-Jean-d'Ardières, France
2013-05-21 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2013-04-13 San Francisco, USA San Francisco, USA
2013-03-16 Basel, Switzerland Basel, Switzerland
2012 3
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2013-01-01 Baden-Baden, Germany Baden-Baden, Germany
2012-10-28 Andalusia, Spain Granada
Córdoba & Carmona
Tarifa, Gibraltar & Málaga
2012-06-11 French Polynesia Huahine
Bora Bora
Rangiroa / Tahiti
2011 6
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2011-09-19 Colmar, France / Rust, Germany Colmar, France / Rust, Germany
2011-08-13 Ireland Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
2011-07-24 Colmar, France / Rust, Germany Colmar, France / Rust, Germany
2011-07-13 San Francisco / Lake Tahoe, USA San Francisco / Lake Tahoe, USA
2011-04-25 Tyrol, Austria Tyrol, Austria
2011-03-06 Kuramathi, Maldives Kuramathi, Maldives
2010 5
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2010-12-05 Basel, Switzerland Basel, Switzerland
2010-09-20 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2010-08-21 Mexico Mexico City
Palenque / Villahermosa
Merida, Uxmal & More
Chichen Itza & Tulum
Cozumel, Isla Mujeres & Cancun
2010-08-07 San Francisco / Monterey, USA San Francisco / Monterey, USA
2010-07-20 Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
2009 14
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2009-12-24 Paris, France Paris, France
2009-10-13 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2009-08-19 Catalonia, Spain Catalonia, Spain
2009-07-26 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2009-07-23 Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
2009-07-19 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2009-07-12 Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland
2009-06-29 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2009-05-30 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2009-05-10 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2009-04-20 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2009-03-25 Cologne / Berlin, Germany Cologne / Berlin, Germany
2009-02-10 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2009-01-19 Dresden / Berlin, Germany Dresden / Berlin, Germany
2008 9
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2008-12-14 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2008-11-20 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2008-10-19 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2008-09-29 California / Arizona / Utah / Nevada, USA Los Angeles (1/2)
Los Angeles (2/2)
San Diego (1/2)
San Diego (2/2)
Joshua Tree National Park
Grand Canyon
Zion National Park
Red & Bryce Canyons
Las Vegas
Death Valley
Mono Lake & Yosemite
San Francisco
2008-08-20 Château de Pizay, Saint-Jean-d'Ardières, France Château de Pizay, Saint-Jean-d'Ardières, France
2008-07-18 Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland
2008-07-16 Interlaken, Switzerland Interlaken, Switzerland
2008-03-09 Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland
2008-02-15 Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria
2007 3
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2007-09-13 London, UK London, UK
2007-08-05 Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
2007-02-21 Paris, France Paris, France
2006 4
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2006-10-15 Leukerbad, Switzerland Leukerbad, Switzerland
2006-07-16 Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland
2006-06-24 Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006-06-21 Madrid, Spain Madrid, Spain
2005 6
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2005-09-19 Paris, France Paris, France
2005-08-08 Catalonia, Spain Catalonia, Spain
2005-07-23 Milan, Italy Milan, Italy
2005-06-19 Münster, Germany
2005-05-22 Münster, Germany
2005-04-16 Europa-Park (Rust), Germany Europa-Park (Rust), Germany
2004 2
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2004-11-08 Rome, Italy Rome, Italy
2004-07-20 Québec / Ontario / New Brunswick, Canada; New York / Massachusetts / etc., USA Montréal / Ottawa / Kingston
Toronto / Niagara Falls
New York / Boston
Gaspesia / Québec / Montréal
2003 2
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2003-07-18 Antibes / Juan-les-Pins, France Antibes / Juan-les-Pins, France
2003-05-04 London, UK London, UK
2002 1
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2002-08-02 Sweden / Norway Stockholm / Vaxholm
Oslo / Karlstad
Voss / Bergen
Balestrand / Lom
Trondheim / Östersund / Sundsvall
2001 1
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2001-09-08 East coast (from Florida to New York), USA New York
2000 1
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2000-08-07 Egypt Giza
Giza and Valley of the Kings
Aswan and Abu Simbel
1999 1
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1999-08-26 California, USA Lassen Volcanic Park
1997 1
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1997-08-20 California, USA
1996 1
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1996-08-01 Ticino, Switzerland
Riazzino, Bellinzona, etc.
1995 1
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1995-??-?? Paris, France
1994 1
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1994-??-?? Liguria (Cinque Terre, etc.) / Tuscany (Pisa, etc.), Italy
1993 1
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1993-08-03 Andalusia, Spain
1987 1
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1987-??-?? Ticino, Switzerland
Riazzino, etc.